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The present location of Branch 479 is steeped in military history

During World War 1, the 176th (Niagara Rangers) Overseas Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Forces lived and trained on the grounds before heading to Europe. When the war ended in 1918 the military buildings were removed and the land was sold to the Niagara Falls School Board.

A public school was built on the site in 1921. Following a contest the name Memorial School was chosen as it honored the Niagara Rangers and other Niagara residents who gave their lives during the war.

Due to declining enrolment, the school was closed in 1981 and the building was sold to the city of Niagara Falls. Subsequently, the property was sold to Branch 479 in 1982 and renovations were begun to transform the building into the Branch we enjoy today.

Founded in May 1948, Branch 479 did not always call Spring Street home. Members previously met at a two-storey hall on North Street and we were originally called the Stamford Legion. It was later renamed the A.C.McCallum Memorial Branch 479 in honor of the well known Niagara veteran who shot down two German planes in combat before he was shot down by the infamous Red Baron.

Branch 479 is proud of its Memorabilia Room. All articles on display have been donated to the Branch. Much of the memorabilia comes from Flanders Fields thanks to a group of volunteer archeologists called The Diggers with the Flanders Fields Museum who work near the famous battle site.

The legion’s original goal was to give assistance to returning veterans and their families and has grown to include a great deal of community service. We conduct branch related activities and sponsor sports leagues as well as providing meeting space for various unions and community groups.

We are currently home to the Air Cadet Corps 126 Flying Lancers and the Niagara Memorial Militaires Alumni Drum Corps



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